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Alternate History Fiction Interview with Cody Sisco

Wolfian Press talked with Cody Sisco about creating alternate history timelines, inventing geographies, and getting inspiration from the past.

Discriminating Against Quality: the New Low of Traditional Publishing

Dario Ciriello contributes a guest post to the Fiction University Indie Author series about the diminishing opportunities for authors in traditional publishing.

Los Angeles Public Library Local Author Spotlight on Cody Sisco

L.A. librarian Catherine Royalty and author Cody Sisco discuss inspiration, writing about social issues, and more.

Plotting for Pantsers | Writers Helping Writers blog 

Author Dario Ciriello talks about reconciling the two extremes on the controversial topic of Plotting vs. Pantsing.

5 On: Dario Ciriello | Jane Friedman’s website

An in-depth interview with author Dario Ciriello by Kristen Tsetsi.

Art and Revolt | Locus Magazine online

Author Dario Ciriello writes on the nonsense spoken about writing craft, and what really matters in fiction.

Book Launches: How Things Change | Janice Hardy’s Fiction University

Author Dario Ciriello writes a guest post on the importance of paying dues and putting in one’s time to be taken seriously as a writer.

Writing From the Heart | Lauren Sapala’s blog

Author Dario Ciriello explains how to write beyond the rules.

One Rule to Rule Them All | Abyss and Apex science fiction magazine

Author Dario Ciriello writes a guest editorial on the need to question conventional writing wisdom and challenge dogma.

7 Tips for Forming an Indie Author Co-Op | Self Publishing Advice Center

The Self Publishing Advice Center of the Alliance of Independent Authors showcases author Cody Sisco’s lessons learned from the creation of the Made in L.A. indie author co-op.

Beyond Critique Groups | Indie Author Day blog

Author Cody Sisco describes how the Made in L.A. indie author co-op formed out of a 2016 Indie Author Day event.

On Writing About Mental Illness | Altered Instinct

Authors Stephen Hunt and Cody Sisco discussed writing about mental illness and the pleasures of writing speculative fiction.